Hythem AlDaham is behind the lens for the happiest, and most important, moments of our lives. Specializing in wedding photos, Hythem challenges the status quo, pursuing a niche that requires one to negate conformity.

A Saudi-based graphic designer by day, a photographer whenever the opportunity arises; it was only behind a camera lens that Hythem found his calling. Along with wedding photos, Hythem is adept in various photography genres, techniques and styles. His main areas of interest consist of portraits, commercial, and street photography. Hythem’s portfolio also includes advertising campaigns and conceptual based photos for different companies such as INTEL, VIMTO, and Adidas.

Hythem is also the co-founder of Phonart Saudi, a community that brings together artists that use their mobile devices to take photos. 
Furthermore, Hythem traveled to five different cities around the kingdom, where he taught middle-school kids the passion and drive behind the power of photography as part of the iDiscover program under iThra Youth—a Saudi Aramco initiative. 

Hythem believes that each photograph tells a story. Whether it’s a portrait at a wedding or a spontaneous shot taken from the right angle at the right time, each photograph tells you all about the subject. As he captures a gleaming eye or a gesture done unconsciously, he captures the moments when humans temporarily lose their masks. Hythem’s photographs communicate in a language understood by all.