iDiscover2013 - Hail

I was having lunch with a friend and we were discussing how to shoot our next episode, my friend looked at me and said "are you free for three months to teach photography?" at first I thought he was messing around, then it seemed to me he had a serious enough look on his face, so I said "what's the deal?" , he looks at me with a smile saying "I'll get you in contact with a lady named Noha, she's in charge".

And that's how I got to know about this amazing opportunity, it took me a while to make my final decision, as a freelancer this meant stoping most of my ongoing projects and maybe cancel any new ones that will come along the way until the end of May and that could hurt my business. Everything about this felt right, not a single aspect was fuzzy or not interesting, it took me a week to decide and I had to leave my family, wife, and the life I am comfortable living and take on a long journey to teach kids about what I love to do day in and day out.

Our first distention was a northern city by the name of Hail, since I am originally from up north I had a clear idea of how the culture would be like or I thought I did, it was my first time in Hail, I was and still am shocked at the fact that Hail had almost every famous retail store and resturant we are used to in the eastern province, which was comforting to some extent.

I was assigned two tasks one was to be a Master Trainer for photography and the other sub task was to help with video and photo coverage of the entire event, at the beginning it felt like an easy task to take on until I actually started work, we had 8 to 10 hours of work daily, which to my benefit made me lose 2.1 kilos by the end of the trip.

The first week was ok because I only had to shoot video, but I was not ready to face what the second week had in store for me, two back to back hours of teaching almost 50 students each day for 6 days, I had taught photography courses before but to adults, in this case I had to learn to be a teacher, and that means learning how to control a class room filled with teenagers that won't stop talking or moving.

I never have been called the word "Teacher" more than 5 times in my life and now I was faced with 50 kids calling me that every other minute, it was humbling and a great reminder to why I joined in the first place, in this trip I came to appreciate photography more and I also came to realize that my mission in life may have changed forever, paying it forward is the most gratifying feeling in the world and teaching youngsters what I love is more satisfying than any photography award I will win or project that I will or have done in the past.

Hail's people made our stay that much more special, their generosity and hospitality is second to none and the weather and scenery was just the icing on the cake, our next journey takes us to Jeddah the land of the Red Sea, can't wait to see what awaits us there.


Ps. Special shout out to the "The Real Team" love you guys.

The Men's Side

It has been almost three years since I have set foot in the "Golden" cage as we all like to call it, back then HD photography never existed nor was even a thought, now I look back and wonder who would I have trusted to shoot my wedding, its not an easy decision for any photographer to make I'm sure.

I always found that the Men's side in weddings never had anything special going on other than a group of men standing in opposite sides in a straight line singing and playing different beats and sounds of our cultural, that part was fun. Then came the food which many actually are there for in the first place :) , but other than that the Men's side was quite boring to be honest.

I attended enough weddings to realize that the photography is the last thing on people's mind, all photos taken at weddings looked exactly the same, 3 to 5 men stand in a straight line and a photographer with his speed light mounted on the top of his camera flashing away making everyone look like ghosts, plus almost everyone has a straight face and no emotion is allowed, that actually bothered me, I thought to my self How can a special day like this go to waste? a lot of the Groom's cousins and friends have come from across the country to share a special day that will not be repeated, well unless he gets married again :) 

I started sketching out ideas and trying to look for a way to convince people that the Men's side is just as valuable as the ladies side at weddings and that it should not be considered a corporate event yet a day to celebrate and a day to remember with pictures that don't make you look like a robot.

Since that day a couple of years ago I have managed to convince almost 10 Men to let me shoot their weddings in the style i thought reflected the happiness and joy of the Groom and his family and friends around him, I wish to influence other photographers to change the habit of documenting an event and actually living the moment and translating the emotions into their pictures.

This is a video where I take you behind the scenes at one of the weddings and I talk you through my experience:



For more pictures from the Men's side please head over to the Gallery.


I had my iphone on slowshutter app and sat there waiting for a photo to happen, and out of the blue a guy comes down the escalator and decided to stand still and leaning against the metal pole at the end of the escelator waiting for his friend to come down.

it shocked me that he didnt move a muscle like he knew I wanted him to stay still for a while, I didnt know how long will he be standing but I kept taking photos and praying for more people to come into the photo so I can get some blurry motion in my shot, and I was lucky enough after a couple of minutes of waiting to come up with this final shot.

Patience in photography plus a little of luck can sometimes produce great things, always be patient and look for the right moment to take a photo.

The Extra Mile

In this post I like to show the other side of me which is a graphic designer and the side which helped me go the extra mile for 82 high school graduates.

Many photographers work stops at the click of the camera, not a lot of them do printing and few care about brand or packaging, for these 82 kids I contacted a fellow graphic designer Nouf al Dulaijan which has been designing packages for a while now, and we worked together to produce a beautiful package for the students to remember for a long time.

The package included 5 printed pictures which ranged from 6x8 to 8x12 portraits and wallet size photos, the package also had a place for the CD and could be used a frame to place on a shelves. Colors of the school were incorporated in the design also.

Going the extra mile always benefits the photographer or the designer, its not only a click of the camera its much more, photography is a very personal profession that requires alot of work, showing clients that you care can do you wonders, make sure to always be honest at what you do and always try to give a little more than expected.

for more pictures visit the Gallary page.

Cafea Arab

Cafe Arab has been one the biggest supporters of HD Photography from the get go, and it goes without saying that they have one of the best Coffee shops in Khobar, not only do they have great coffee but the whole experience is one of a kind.

I was asked to take photos of their popular drinks, me and Co-Partner of the Cafea Raneen Bukhari came up with an idea to take different style of photos mainly showing ingredients that make these great drinks so tasty, and I believe we were successful at presenting these photos in a new and creative way, Enjoy.

For more info on Cafea Arab please visit them on

101 lessons

Photography 101 was over and I was left to reflect on the positives and negatives that I can learn from my first course, I wont lie to you I was nervous and I did not know what to expect.

You can give a speach to a 100 people and go home not worrying about a thing, but when you give a course you hold a huge responsibility towards people who made the effort to show up and expect to leave in three days full of new information.

At some point I asked my self if this was the right move or not, are the faces in front of me comprehending what I am throwing at them, do I have to repeat what I said, is that guy day dreaming, all these thoughts ran through my head during the whole week, but one thing I was sure of is that I will finish this course even if I was left talking to my self on the last day.

Many signed up and few showed up, but I was happy because the few that showed up stayed until the end, they came to learn and learn they did, the course was not in any shape or form a publicity event, the course was a way to connect with people and try to give back to the community.

I am not a one man show "HD photography" is many people who love and support each other to come up with the best result at the end of the day, during this long week I had four amazing people by my side, My wife, Brother, My Friend+Photographer (Mohe'd Traiki), and last but not least the owner of Cafea Arab Raneen Bukhari , they all endured long hours and stressful days but with out them they wont be Photography 101 so I thank you all for making this dream possible. 

Class of 2011

Its been 8 years since I have been back to my high-school, I never thought for once it would be to shoot the graduating class of 2011. Its with great honor that I have accepted this project, and its a way to give back to all the teachers and staff that helped make us who we are today. Here is a sneak peak at the head shots of the graduates, more to come in following weeks, enjoy :)

Photography 101

الى كل المصورين الشغوفين هذه فرصتكم للتعرف أكثر على


أدواتكم ولكي نتيح لكم فرصة للوصول بخيالكم لبعد جديد

الموقع:  كافيه عرب الطابق الاول في تراث الصحراء، الخبر شارع الظهران بجوار وكالة الجميح للسيارات

أبريل ٤،٣،٢ ٢٠١١  رجال
ابريل ٧،٦،٥ ٢٠١١  نساء

الرجاء إحضار الكاميرا الشخصية الى المحاضرة
المحاضرة ستعطى باللغة العربية

الرسوم ٢٠٠ ريال شاملة ٣ أيام
المقاعد محدودة،المحاضرة للمبتدئين 

المحاضر: هيثم الدهام

للتسجيل الرجاء إرسال معلوماتك الشخصية إلى:

or call


The Collectibles

This picture defines the times we live in today. 8 individuals from different backgrounds and beliefs coming together for one cause,“Food”. With no food, hope fades and life withers into the abyss. So
think about it, how would our world be without food?
Special Thanks to Eishah for helping with the name and text :D


Rawabi Talent Exhibit

Hey guys well this is a post long over due, but I never came around to writing about it, I was invited last week to take part in a talent Exhibit that is aimed to help high school kids chose careers different than the usual ones, like Doctor,Teacher, and Engineer.

To be honest I didn't  know what to expect, but after the first hour of talking to young kids and feeding them knowledge about the photography industry I felt proud and humbled at the same time. I asked to come in for the last day of the Exhibit and I spent 5 straight hours talking to unique individuals, I can't insist on the fact that this experience was so uplifting and moving in so many different ways.

I would like to thank Rawabi holding for organizing an amazing event that helped us give back to our community, and special thanks to Mr.Nayyef al ghamdi and Ahmed el Kattan for their support and help during the course of my stay in the Exhibit.

I want to point out that this event organization that is done by Saudi youth is a pleasure to watch, and proves that we have young talents that can be dependent on and that can help move this country to new heights.

Cricket + Kite (Event)

A fun event from 2pm - 8pm , all family fun and play, the wind was blowing everything away and kites stole the show :D

P.S. I would Like to point that these photos are straight from the camera with no photoshop work.

Bike Rally (HD & HD)

On a hot Thursday morning you can ask for nothing more than a couple of hundred crazy bikers and enthusiast to gather in an all day event organized in Saudi Aramco for Harley Davidson.

Me, Wifey, and Brother put on our HD custom t-shirts and went for it, this was not really planned but was sure an opportunity up for grabs, all I had was my trust worthy big Mama diffuser and a 600 watts flash head and a lot of sun light for 10 hours straight :D 

Yes I was there meaning business but at the end of the day it was all about the fun, I met great people with high spirits, kids running around and endless lines at burger stands.

It was a long and tiring day, I would like to give a big thanks to my Wife and brother for their help as always, and our Great friends at Cafe Arab (their coffee is the best).

Enjoy :D

the love shoot


 Now get a chance to win a free photo-shoot with HD Studios, the rules are simple, the first 3 comments on this post win.

Terms and conditions:

1. You must include your contact details in the comment.

2. Friends, Married Couples, and related individuals are applicable for this shoot.

3. This is a One hour photo-shoot that will take place inside the studio.

4. The shoot will not take place on Valentines Day, and dates will be arranged through the month of February.

1st Comment gets a Free 1 hour photo-shoot plus 10 edited images.

2nd Comment gets a 40% discount plus 10 edited images.

3rd Comment gets a 25% discount plus 10 edited images.

* Normal Photo-shoot only receive 5 edited photos.

The Red Crocodile

Here is a taste of shooting outdoors with flashes, just to keep in mind the clouds were not added in photoshop this was taking in one shot with little retouching on color and highlights, Enjoy

"Le Voile" by: Nihad Bakhraibah

"Le Voile" by: Nihad Bakhraibah

Nihad is a great person to say the least, and that shows through her great fashion ideas for her Abaya clothing line.

for more information on "Le Voile" contact on:
+966 504 992 090
+966 3 882 4972 
or visit us at Chrysallis Boutiqu 
Bandaira shopping center- Khobar - Pepsi Road



Our first GT500 shoot for my Dear friend Anas, with the help of my great fellow photographer Mohammed Al Traiki we came out with these wonderful shots of a wonderful car.

Shooting a car is a challenge, you cant tell the car to pose in a certain way or smile or make a face for that matter, you have to do the work for her, many factors come into play like weather, Natural Light, and location.

More pics will be posted to the Gallery Soon..!! 

Project Pink Finale


"Hope is Contagious"
This is the last photo in this series, I wish that these photos have made a difference in some way or another, do not forget to pass on HOPE in your daily lives. Special thanx to all who helped make this campaign possible.