Rawabi Talent Exhibit

Hey guys well this is a post long over due, but I never came around to writing about it, I was invited last week to take part in a talent Exhibit that is aimed to help high school kids chose careers different than the usual ones, like Doctor,Teacher, and Engineer.

To be honest I didn't  know what to expect, but after the first hour of talking to young kids and feeding them knowledge about the photography industry I felt proud and humbled at the same time. I asked to come in for the last day of the Exhibit and I spent 5 straight hours talking to unique individuals, I can't insist on the fact that this experience was so uplifting and moving in so many different ways.

I would like to thank Rawabi holding for organizing an amazing event that helped us give back to our community, and special thanks to Mr.Nayyef al ghamdi and Ahmed el Kattan for their support and help during the course of my stay in the Exhibit.

I want to point out that this event organization that is done by Saudi youth is a pleasure to watch, and proves that we have young talents that can be dependent on and that can help move this country to new heights.