101 lessons

Photography 101 was over and I was left to reflect on the positives and negatives that I can learn from my first course, I wont lie to you I was nervous and I did not know what to expect.

You can give a speach to a 100 people and go home not worrying about a thing, but when you give a course you hold a huge responsibility towards people who made the effort to show up and expect to leave in three days full of new information.

At some point I asked my self if this was the right move or not, are the faces in front of me comprehending what I am throwing at them, do I have to repeat what I said, is that guy day dreaming, all these thoughts ran through my head during the whole week, but one thing I was sure of is that I will finish this course even if I was left talking to my self on the last day.

Many signed up and few showed up, but I was happy because the few that showed up stayed until the end, they came to learn and learn they did, the course was not in any shape or form a publicity event, the course was a way to connect with people and try to give back to the community.

I am not a one man show "HD photography" is many people who love and support each other to come up with the best result at the end of the day, during this long week I had four amazing people by my side, My wife, Brother, My Friend+Photographer (Mohe'd Traiki), and last but not least the owner of Cafea Arab Raneen Bukhari , they all endured long hours and stressful days but with out them they wont be Photography 101 so I thank you all for making this dream possible.