The Extra Mile

In this post I like to show the other side of me which is a graphic designer and the side which helped me go the extra mile for 82 high school graduates.

Many photographers work stops at the click of the camera, not a lot of them do printing and few care about brand or packaging, for these 82 kids I contacted a fellow graphic designer Nouf al Dulaijan which has been designing packages for a while now, and we worked together to produce a beautiful package for the students to remember for a long time.

The package included 5 printed pictures which ranged from 6x8 to 8x12 portraits and wallet size photos, the package also had a place for the CD and could be used a frame to place on a shelves. Colors of the school were incorporated in the design also.

Going the extra mile always benefits the photographer or the designer, its not only a click of the camera its much more, photography is a very personal profession that requires alot of work, showing clients that you care can do you wonders, make sure to always be honest at what you do and always try to give a little more than expected.

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