The Men's Side

It has been almost three years since I have set foot in the "Golden" cage as we all like to call it, back then HD photography never existed nor was even a thought, now I look back and wonder who would I have trusted to shoot my wedding, its not an easy decision for any photographer to make I'm sure.

I always found that the Men's side in weddings never had anything special going on other than a group of men standing in opposite sides in a straight line singing and playing different beats and sounds of our cultural, that part was fun. Then came the food which many actually are there for in the first place :) , but other than that the Men's side was quite boring to be honest.

I attended enough weddings to realize that the photography is the last thing on people's mind, all photos taken at weddings looked exactly the same, 3 to 5 men stand in a straight line and a photographer with his speed light mounted on the top of his camera flashing away making everyone look like ghosts, plus almost everyone has a straight face and no emotion is allowed, that actually bothered me, I thought to my self How can a special day like this go to waste? a lot of the Groom's cousins and friends have come from across the country to share a special day that will not be repeated, well unless he gets married again :) 

I started sketching out ideas and trying to look for a way to convince people that the Men's side is just as valuable as the ladies side at weddings and that it should not be considered a corporate event yet a day to celebrate and a day to remember with pictures that don't make you look like a robot.

Since that day a couple of years ago I have managed to convince almost 10 Men to let me shoot their weddings in the style i thought reflected the happiness and joy of the Groom and his family and friends around him, I wish to influence other photographers to change the habit of documenting an event and actually living the moment and translating the emotions into their pictures.

This is a video where I take you behind the scenes at one of the weddings and I talk you through my experience:



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